About Me

I’m a strategist and maker with a decade of experience in digital innovation, advertising, and marketing. My goal is always simple: to make the user the focal point of every part of a project’s lifecycle, from the first strategic insight to the finishing touches of a product, to the iteration and optimization over time. To me, user experience surpasses what happens on the screen, and I believe that digital initiatives should embrace tactile interaction, physical feedback, and the ambient environment.

My professional expertise includes developing data-driven strategies that foster relationships with customers and designing insight-based, holistic user experiences that make use of technologies in new and innovative ways. Through insight-based strategies and clear project roadmaps I help my clients not only meet their objectives but find their potential to grow, optimize, and succeed over time.

IMG_20151010_195321In my art practice I am fascinated by the ways contemporary society tends to take everyday technological objects for granted. What is technology? What are the effects of user-friendly interfaces? How do we use technology? How should we use it? My work begins at the physical site of these everyday interfaces—taking them apart, breaking them, or reinventing them in ways that draw attention to what’s inside the black boxes of our devices and foreground what is usually hidden. Repurposing and creating electronic pieces to draw attention to the materials they consist of, my work traces the physicality of production and manufacturing, the relationships between our bodies and the technologies that surround them, as well as the labour and social justice issues that these seemingly banal objects are entangled with.

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