BodyPlay is an interactive piece I created for the Integrate Arts Festival 2015. Touch That Spot and Connect the Wires were displayed alongside it, at Cascadia Architects. Here’s my artist statement for the show:

The technologies we encounter daily at our fingertips are increasingly taken for granted, with interfaces like invisible thresholds or extensions of our flesh that simultaneously reduce our corporeal and spiritual selves to only what we see on a screen. Our skin is rendered numb, its sensual qualities reduced to instrumental capacitive function as we spend more time touching our phones and tablets than we do touching each other. BodyPlay invites attention to the complex and shifting relationships our bodies share with our gadgets. Following the idea of FemBox, an interactive device that Theresa Slater and I presented at Lux et Voluptas 2014, BodyPlay is designed to toy with the boundaries between human bodies and technology, between the sweat and the algorithm, between the movements of flesh and computational function.

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