Kits for Cultural History

Kits for Cultural History is a SSHRC-funded project that I worked on at the Maker Lab in the Humanities. The first kit that was completed explores the history of wearables based on electronic jewellery pieces from the late 19th century. For more information on this project you can view Kits for Cultural History or read some of the posts I have written on the Maker Lab blog. Open source digital files of the project can be found on GitHub.

Early Wearable Kit Rhino Model from Nina Belojevic on Vimeo.

Epilog Laser Cutting Boxes from Nina Belojevic on Vimeo.

Assembling the Wearable Electronic Kit Box from Nina Belojevic on Vimeo.

Photos by Danielle Morgan. All other images, sketches, and videos in this post are by me.